As advertisers are using the new ad opportunities of internet, and new markets are joining in, your aggressive competitors are now present online, communicating their service or product to your target group. What do you need to surpass your competition, and to reach first your customers online? NetMerit can:

- Explain and prove why and how internet presence can bring value to your advertising needs and online sales
- Provide you with Google-friendly website and full Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services
- Apply NetMerit’s own MVP, MVK and MVK-CW formulas to meticulously optimize Google Adwords PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. Setup and execute competing PPC campaigns in Yahoo Search Marketing, etc.
- Plan, setup and optimize both product and image marketing campaigns via internet communication channels
- Create custom reports with Google Analytics and web stats. Present and interpret them to client
- Interpolate, cross-analyze and interpret result reports to improve communication and increase conversion ratios
- Save you money by comparing, identifying, and even innovating effective internet media channels

And ultimately- NetMerit will deliver your message to the relevant audience and reach the customer by utilizing the most effective marketing communication, Made In Internet!

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NetMerit is a consulting company that will enable your internet presence to grow revenue. By converting your budget into customer interest, we will effectively expose you to a relevant audience. Our core competences are internet marketing, online presence consulting and targeted communication.
. Online presence functionality and   design enhancement
. Internet placement planning and   media buying
. Internet campaign development and   execution
. SEO, SEM, Google-friendly sites
. Real-time results measurement
. Post-campaign analysis and   evaluation
. Research and additional services
Global Trends
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