NetMerit is an internet marketing & consulting company offering targeted and advanced internet marketing campaigns to advertising agencies and corporate clients. The communication channels we use include, but are not limited to: Google Adwords and Adsense, Yahoo, Overture, Opt-ins, News, E-mailings, online interest groups, e-magazines, e-zines, affiliate channels, referral channels, weblogs, forum publications, and other presence in online media. The company also consults businesses and ad agencies on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google ads and placement, internet reach and exposure by developing a relevant internet marketing mix and executing the internet part of media plans.

NetMeritís objectives are to:
- Introduce the Bulgarian market to the vast opportunities of online advertising
- To consult ad agencies, media shops and their clients in their efforts to plan, analyze, optimize, execute, and post-evaluate internet marketing campaigns
- Launch online businesses with high growth-potential

All that and more, Made In Internet!

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